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Want to supports us in our mission to help people of Hawaii live a more active and healthy life?

Hawaii Sports Foundation dba Honolulu Marathon Clinic Mission Statement

Human beings originated and evolved as uniquely upright, warm blooded, bipedal hunter gatherers.  It follows then exercise that enhances these activities are those that will be the most beneficial to beings in the long run.  We call it base training or road work and that‘s why running is good for base training for all other sports whereas all other sports are not necessarily beneficial to running. 

Medical data confirms beyond any reasonable doubt that while a little bit of exercise might be good for you it is the endurance type of exercise that provides the greatest benefit for the least amount of effort over a long period of time. 

The Ethos of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic then is to promulgate and teach novices, beginners and advanced runners of all ages how to incorporate the benefits of long slow distance running into their lifestyle.

In this milieu, strangers, and no matter their fitness level, are merely friends we’ve just met and the bottom line goal of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic is to bring health through fitness to the world one runner at a time.


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