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Executive Board

Bruce Mullikin
Born in Chicago, Illinois in the year 1951, and moved here in 2000. I am very blessed to live on the romantic shores of the Ala Wai in Honolulu. I have just retired from Xerox Corporation after 43 years and question myself why I didn’t retire right out of kindergarten. I have run 13 Honolulu Marathons and sadly because of losing half of my left foot… I now walk. I joined the Clinic in 2001 and have considered them part of my family ever since.
Jeff Beard
I was born on an acre of land with a creek running through it, in a very rural part of the San Francisco peninsula with a lake across the street. I grew up a swimmer and in high-school, a water polo player. We thought the cross-country runners were absolutely insane! I moved to Hawaii twice in the ‘70’s, wasn’t ready to settle down until finally, in 1984, I stayed! I’ve owned and operated a home repair/renovation business and also joined Toastmasters in 1986 –achieving their highest award (Distinguished Toastmaster) 4 times. In 1997-1998, I served as Hawaii’s District Governor for Toastmasters International. As a prison volunteer since 1998, I helped start and maintain a Toastmasters Club that meets at Halawa Correctional Facility and Waiawa Correctional Facility on Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively. I’ve been a musician for over 55 years, and a song-writer for over 50 – one of the greatest joys of my life. I took up running again in 2002 and read articles in the sports section about the Marathon Clinic and in late 2005 I joined the Clinic, and ran my first Honolulu Marathon that year (have done every one since, as well as the 2007 San Francisco Marathon) – PR at 4:23 in 2007! I joined staff in 2006, and, in 2007, became the Red Group leader (they’ve since out-run me;-), and the Intermediate Group co-Leader. Early this year, I joined the Board of Directors as Treasurer.
Peter Garcia
Vice President
Born: Honolulu, HI Graduated: Saint Louis College 1949, University of Hawaii BA 1955, MBA 1978 Retired: Colonel, US Army, 7 years active duty, US Army Aviator - 1990 Hawaii State Department of Transportation & C & C of Honolulu Finance Department 42 years - 2004 Currently: Milonga-Candombe (Tango) Dancer (sometimes) Honolulu Marathon Clinic: Started 1984, first marathon 1985, HMC Staff Volunteer since 1987
Alan Sunio
Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, now live in Pearl City, Hawaii Owner / President of Eventions inc. -  As an event planner, I have created, directed, organized, produced, and managed (with my knowledge, skills and expertise) a variety of sport activities, special events, non-profit fundraisers, and festivals.  In addition, I provide security and meetings management for conventions and trade shows. While having no interest in running, after witnessing a young boy and elderly female finish the Honolulu Marathon back in 1977, I made it a personal goal to train and participate in the 1978 Honolulu Marathon...I joined the Honolulu Marathon clinic that year and finished under 5 hours. I have finished 10 Marathons with a PR of 3 hrs and 40 min on the Big Island, Hilo Marathon. I have also completed 5 Triathlons, an Ultra-Marathon, and numerous races of varying distances and challenges.
William Chang
Mr. Chang has been a seasoned serial entrepreneur with 20 years of management and marketing experience in IT industry. Mr. Chang cofounded Mobile IT Force, a Lenovo local partner and authorized warranty service provider in 2009, Phase 2 Connections, a Hawaii based IT consulting firm in 2004, and Phase 2 Advertising, a Hawaii leading edge advertising media through digital signage technology in 2007. Mr. Chang was born and raised in Hawaii, and received both Bachelor degree in Management Information System and International Business and MBA degree at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In 2015, Mr. Chang brought a group of roughly 50 runners from China to participate Honolulu Marathon Event and has started running ever since. 
Norm Uyeda
Born and raised in Honolulu. Currently lives in Kaneohe.  Happily retired from General Dynamics.  Hobbies - walking, fishing and watching my grandkids grow up.  Completed 20 marathons (all Honolulu) with a PR of 4:38.  Hoping to finish my 21st marathon this year although it will be a very slow walking marathon.
Stephen Zane
Born in Honolulu, Hawaii. I live on the east side of Oahu. I have been selling real estate for over 30 years. I am currently associated with Savio Realty LTD. My interest in running the Marathon began when I first saw the marathon runners going by on Kalanianiole Highway. I was curious what it would be like. The Honolulu Marathon Clinic was free, so I tried it. In my first year I got lots of good running and health advice. I continued running with the clinic to maintain a regular exercise routine to improve my health. I have run over 17 marathons, several marathon readiness series, local races, one Las Vegas Marathon, and a four day Maccu Piccu hike. My best time marathon time was under 5 hours in Las Vegas . My personnel longest time was over 12 hours. Because of all the help that the Honolulu Marathon Clinic did for me I wanted to give back as well. When I was ask to serve as a board member I gladly agreed to help out. Currently you will find me on Sundays mornings walking with the Honolulu Marathon clinic.
Murial Taira
A practicing attorney with more than 30 years of legal experience.   Running has kept me sane and balanced.  I started with the Honolulu Marathon Clinic in 1998 as a bucket list challenge with a friend.  We both were able to scratch a marathon off of our lists but I continued to run and since that time have made many new wonderful friends through running.  I have gone through a good many pairs of running shoes over the years and have run races in Bar Harbor, Maine and Big Sur, California. I have completed five marathons with a PR just seconds under 5 hours. Even after I stopped doing marathons, I continued running but focused my attention on volunteering with the Clinic and various Clinic events, serving on the Board, and  volunteering with other running events such as the HURT 100.   Currently, I spend Sunday mornings rather than running, walking around Diamond Head and seeing the many friends I have made through the years with the Clinic.  On Marathon Day, my husband and I are most likely by the Kahala Mall “Arco” gas station handing out pretzels and ice cold orange slices to the runners, especially to those we have met through the Clinic.
Val Ogi
I was born in Honolulu and grew up in Waipahu.
 My first Honolulu Marathon was in 1992 when they were offering a 20th Anniversary special entry fee for $2, and my friend Tesh signed me up. I had only run once around Diamond Head, and was dying, there was no way I could do 26.2 miles. Tesh told me to go and see Dr. Scaff the following Sunday at the Kapiolani Bandstand. My goal was just to finish 1 marathon. On Dec.11, 2016 I will run my 25th consecutive Honolulu Marathon.
I signed up to become a Honolulu Marathon Clinic Volunteer the following March because I wanted to help people complete the Honolulu Marathon and to thank Jack, Peter and Roger for getting me to the finish line.
 I have completed 37 marathons, (Rome, Tokyo, Chicago, Marine Corp, Los Angeles, Portland and 7 Volcano Marathons), two Oahu Perimeter Relays, 2 Tinman Triathlons, and the Na Wahine Sprint Triathlon.
 I plan to keep on running marathons as long as I can, it is an important part of my life. 
I am registered and plan to run the Iceland Marathon (Reykjavik).
Maile Burgey
Came here for internship program for work.
 2003/2004, my host family found the article on the newspaper
and recommended to join HMC 'cz I have been telling them
that I wanted to complete marathon in my life.
 so far 10 times!
 Additional info: Love to help people to complete marathon, also help Japanese speaker!